About the Callaway Performance Center

At the Callaway Performance Centers (CPC), you’ll have your swing evaluated with the exact same cutting edge fitting technology Callaway uses at their world headquarters in Carslbad, CA.  You’ll swing the latest clubs from golf’s leading innovator and get fit into the ideal equipment for your game. There’s no easier way to maximize your potential. Our trained experts create a comfortable environment so you can discover how our equipment can improve your performance. This isn’t just a custom fitting, it’s a precision fitting. All you have to do is bring your swing.
The staff at the Callaway Performance Center is led by Callaway Master Fitter, Doug Hammer. Doug and his team of certified club specialists have been trained to find the right clubs for every level of golfer — from the professional to the beginner. Your fitting will occur both indoors in a state-of-the-art fit bay that utilizes Trackman and SAM PuttLab Technology, and outdoors  utilizing Trackman launch monitors while seeing live ball flight.
All of the CPC’s also feature our proprietary OptiFit Fitting System, allowing you to test numerous drivers and irons with a variety of shaft and clubhead combinations in a matter of minutes. At the conclusion of your fitting, you'll leave with all your custom specifications and you’ll be one step closer to shooting the lowest round of your life.
Our menu of fitting options include 5 A-La-Carte options if you want to get very in depth on one particular fitting component.  Spend time analyzing the perfect Golf Ball, Putter, Wedge, Irons/Hybrids, or Driver/Fwy Woods, by selecting any of those as your custom fitting option.  Or get a look at all 5 aspects at once with our Total Game Fitting option.  For those of you that want to make a day of it, select our VIP fitting experience and take in all that Troon North Golf Club has to offer.

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Driver/Fwy Wood fitting:

Our Trackman Launch Monitors accurately measure all details of the ball flight and the golf club at impact, allowing our fitting staff to accurately assess your game.  Using this technology, our staff can find one of the thousands of combinations of Callaway drivers and fairway woods that are right for you.  The Performance Center at Troon North has all possible Driver and Wood combinations on hand to show you how much difference custom fit equipment can make in your game!
 Cost:  $125 
 Time:  Appx. 1 hour

Irons/Hybrids Fitting:

Trackman is extremely accurate in fitting your entire set and determining whether to stick with those difficult long irons, or make the switch into hybrids.  We can also accurately determine the correct length, lie, and shaft for all of your irons to maximize performance.  In addition to getting the correct specifications for your irons and hybrids, the Performance Center stocks every available type of Callaway product.  Finding the iron design that is best for you can also be crucial in maximizing your game’s potential.

Cost:  $125 
Time:  Appx. 1 hour


Often overlooked, finding the correct fit for your putter is extremely important.  At the Odyssey Putting Studio inside our Callaway Performance Center, we utilize SAM PuttLab technology to help you find the putter that is best to help your game.  SAM Puttlab will accurately measure all details of your putting stroke and help our fitting team get the best putter in your hands to help you make more of those crucial round saving putts.

Cost:  $125
Time:  Appx. 1 hour

Wedge Fitting:

Using our Trackman on the back end of our driving range, we can help you find the correct lofts for all of your wedges to eliminate any gaps in your game from 120 yards and in.  These critical scoring distances are the biggest area for improvement in most golfers.  Not only will we help you eliminate any gaps in your short yardages, but we can assess your ability to hit shots from different lies and help you understand and choose the correct design and bounce for your wedges.
Cost:  $125
Time:  Appx. 1 hour

Golf Ball Fitting:

Callaway’s Golf Ball Research and Development department continues to change the game of golf by improving the golf ball beyond anything that has been accomplished to date.  Our expert fitters will help you determine which ball is best for your game, enhancing distance off the tee while adding control around the greens.

Cost:  $125
Time:  Appx. 1 hour

The Callaway Total Game Fitting:

Combine all of our fitting services into one complete fitting experience.  Let our professional staff fit your entire bag for your game from Driver to Putter.  Once complete, you will have exact specs for every club in your bag, including the correct golf ball!

Cost:  $200
Time:  Appx 2 hrs

"A first class experience that I would recommend for all!"
- Mike C. (Atlanta, GA)
"I will continue to comeback to the CPC at Troon North for all my fitting needs. Thanks for a wonderful experience!"
- John W. (Boise, ID)
"I was amazed on how thorough and professional the staff was!"
-Kim L. (San Francisco, CA)

Club Repair


$2.00 + cost of the Grip
All Grip types available 


Make your old set look new again! $7.00 per club

Loft/Lie angle adjustments:

$5.00 per club

Shaft cutting/extending (no grip):

$5.00 per club

Swing Weight check and adjustments:

$4.00 per club
Let us fit you using the same technology used to fit the best players in the world!

Callaway Performance Center Corporate Event Offerings

Callaway Performance Center
Corporate Event Offerings

Short Game Clinic + Callaway Wedge:

  • Our Director of Instruction, and Callaway Master Fitter, Doug Hammer and his team of certified fitters and coaches will take your group through a 90 minute crash course on the short game.  Participants will learn to control trajectory and distance around the green, while also learning to escape trouble shots such as the bunker.  Each person receives a New Callaway Wedge!
Cost:  $139 + Tax Per Person

Power and Distance Clinic + Callaway Driver:

  • Our Director of Instruction, and Callaway Master Fitter, Doug Hammer and his team of certified fitters and coaches will take your group through a 2 hour session working on all things related to creating power and consistency in the golf swing.  We use Trackman launch monitors to maximize performance and ensure a perfect driver fit.  All participants receive a current in-line Callaway Driver with choice of up to 6 custom shaft offerings!
Cost:  $499 +tax Per Person

Putting Exhibition + Odyssey Putter:

  • Our Director of Instruction, and Callaway Master Fitter, Doug Hammer and his team of certified fitters and coaches will take your group through a 90 minute session on improving your putting through proper practice and technique.  We will utilize SAM Puttlab to analyze each person’s putting stroke and tendencies to ensure a properly fit Odyssey Putter.  Each person receives a New Odyssey Putter of their choice.  Up to 6 models available!
Cost:  $249 + tax Per Person