Vanguard Crew Golf Clinics

 Fall/Winter 2016

Troon North Director of Instruction, Doug Hammer, has developed a 12 week program exclusively for Vanguard Crew members.  This program begins at the green and works backward to the tee box, covering all aspects of the game over a 3 month period.  The program will repeat every 3 months.  Clinics can be purchased in 3, 6, or 10 clinic increments, payable at Troon North Golf Club.  Vanguard Crew members must signup for clinics in advance online.  Clinics will be available for booking 14 days in advance and you must signup for each clinic individually.  Clinics can be found by clicking the link below, then clicking “View Clinics” in our booking window and scrolling to find “Vanguard 2016 Golf Clinics”.  Please email with questions.
Clinics can be purchased in 3 different increments:
3 Sessions for $54
6 Sessions for $99
10 Sessions for $149
2016 Clinic Schedule:
Oct. 15 – Putting 101      
Oct. 22 – Putting Green Reading and Distance control
Oct. 29  - Chipping.  Tthe “Low Runner” shot
Nov. 5 – Pitching.  The “Up and Over” shot
Nov. 12 – Bunkers.  When to swing away and when to build a sand castle
Nov. 19 – Wedge approach shots.  Hitting the green and keeping it there.
Nov. 26 – Full swing Setup Fundamentals
Dec. 3 – Iron shots.  Full swing clinic with 7, 8, 9 irons
Dec. 10 – Hybrids/Long Irons.  More full swing practice!
Dec. 17 – Fairway woods and Hybrids.  Mastering the advancement shot.
Jan. 7 – Drivers and tee shots.  Keep it in play off the tee.
Jan. 14 – Creating distance.  Learn to BOMB it off the tee!

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